Working Bee Saturday 3rd November 9:00am-noon

Come along and plant two more trees this Saturday at 9am til noon. Bring a shovel and gardening gloves!

Nine trees were planted last weekend thanks to the most fabulous support of the community. Boroondara Council too, have been amazing, turning up early Saturday morning to drill our tree holes for us (they drilled a metre deep!). We couldn’t have done it without those starter holes as the site is rock hard clay and it would have been backbreaking work. Even so the process of planting our trees was not so simple. The site is poorly drained over winter as nearby residents will attest. It floods approximately every 5 years. Our wonderful community members who came to help establish the food forest dug down deeply, we placed about 10 kg of cow manure in the bottom of the hole -it is deep enough that the tree roots will only reach this nutrient store in the second year of tree growth, heaps of gypsum clay breaker and some imported top soil were mixed into the pure clay and the whole lot mounded up about 50cm above groundfall. The trees were planted into the top of the hole within a small reservoir at the top of the mound. Around the base of the mound we made another moat to store moisture for both the tree and a selection of companion plants we placed at the foot of each tree.

So now we have planted a walnut, 2 carobs, a macadamia, lemonade, almond, plum, apple and white mulberry. There is an apricot and a native finger lime still to go next weekend which brings me to the date of the next working bee…

Come along and plant two more tree this Saturday 3rd November at 9am til noon. We are planting an apricot and a native finger lime. A quandong will be planted with the finger lime at some stage however the quondong is still a bit too tiny to put in the food forest yet.

Hope to see you there!

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We are tree planting at last!

Winton Road Food Forest Stage 1 plan

Come along and help establish the Winton Road Food Forest

When: Saturday 27th October 2012, 9am-4pm and Sunday 28th Octover, 10am-finished?

Where: 38 Winton Road, Ashburton

Please Bring: Gardening gloves and something to nibble and drink. If you can bring a shovel, wheelbarrow, rake or other gardening tools (clearly named) then so much the better.

Wow! we are planting our food forest at last. We have been delayed a little by boggy ground but the turning of the season has finally allowed the trucks in to scrape off the kikuyu and lay down mulch. There is a wandering path being established – no gate yet but that will come soon we hope. And most importantly we can now put in our fruit trees.

We will be digging BIG holes for the trees to give them the best possible start in life. We need people to bring shovels, wheelbarrows, gardening gloves and enthusiasm. BYO morning tea (or lunch or afternoon tea) and deck chair.

Come for an hour, come for the day, do what you can. All will be appreciated.

Get involved, meet your neighbours and support your community food forest this weekend. Membership available on the day.

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Next Meeting Friday 12th October, 7:30pm

Food Forest Meeting

Friday 12th Oct, Craig Family Centre 7:30pm

this will be our first meeting after our initial seed sowing working bees. I am so happy we are finally getting our hands dirty and plants are here, ready to descend on the landscape.

On Friday we can discuss the practicalities of planting trees for maximum health and growth,
and ways of keeping the plants alive in their first summer.
We will need a list of people who can look at the plants once a week, so they get checked daily throughout the summer.
Also, hopefully we will be ready to sign up as members of the Food Forest Ashburton Group officially.
And Jenny joined us today – welcome or welcome back.
time: 7.30 – 8.30pm
place: Craig Family Centre, 7 Samarinda Ave. , Ashburton,
enter via the kindergarten safety gate (left of the main entrance)
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