Swap and Working Bee were buzzing on Saturday

Dear All,

great weather, great company, good coffee and biscuits – successful and we had a lot of fun.

Moira, Elisa, Sofie and Petra –  replanted the trees and plants
and the Ace Space group dug the third compost hole – to draw the nutrients further down into the soil.
Beforehand, at the swap we had a little talk about ‘Making sure your Soil is free from Contamination’. We swapped very sweet mandarins and oranges, greens, bread, herbs, and new curry leaf seedlings   🙂
The talk and a recipe will follow shortly.
cheers, Petra.

Hazelnut planters

 Tomorrow 9-12 TREE PLANTING with BENEFITS: Real Coffee, Cake, Swap, Seedlings

Real Coffee donated by Habitat Cafe will be served by Ace Space with Flourless Hazelnut & Currant Biscuits – during the swap & the working bee.

Dear All,
we need a few extra people to plant some trees and dig some holes.
Our Golden Gage plum, the Pear tree and the Mulberry died and need replacing and we will plant a Silverberry bush and another feijoa.
If we have enough hands on deck we will dig some more compost holes to help feed and water the new trees.
9am    Home Harvest Swap and Share
9.45    Short Talk about “Making sure your Soil is NOT contaminated”
10am  Planting and digging
Noon  Finish
Coffee, tea and cake will be supplied,
as well as tools,
but please BRING your hat, gloves and drinking water.
If you can bring a wheelbarrow or a hole digging tool please let us know.
RSVP by Friday to foodforestashy@gmail.com or 0420961695 (or here) so we can bring enough tools and cake.
WHERE: 38 Winton Road, Ashburton
please park in Pitt street.
looking forward to it, see you tomorrow ? cheers, Petra.
* Food Forest used to be everywhere – we’re planting them back *