Holiday Break-up 3 Events this week

Being the fourth week of November means the last time we have 3 events this year:

working bee on Thursday 23 November 10-11am

Ashburton Home Harvest Food Swap and Share Saturday  25 November 9-10am

followed by

working bee from 10-11am.

Cold drinks available if you rsvp.

cheers, Petra.

mobile zero420 961 695

foodforestashy @ – remove spaces before emailing

lots of PLANTS available TOMORROW at the Craig centre Birthday Party

again, some little strawberry plants,

slightly bigger seedlings now: Curry leaf bush   and   Yellow Strawberry Guava

and many herbs

also: Scarlet runner bean also called 7 year bean

list below the ads

Craig Family Centre 60th Birthday and Open Day

The Craig Family Centre is celebrating its 60th year serving the community with an Open Day and free community celebration.

There will be lots of fun activities for families including a sausage sizzle, vegetarian Afghan food at the Kabul Kite Social Enterprise Café, music, face painting and a community market.

For more information, phone 9885 7789 – (that might be office hours, mobile below)

When: Sunday 19 November 2017 from 12pm to 3pm

Where: 7 Samarinda Ave Ashburton

Plants available (profit to Craig Family Centre):

               SMALL          $2 each

3     Aloe vera (this type grows larger and is easier to grow)

3     Chia seedlings

4     Comfrey

9     Curry leaf bush

6     Beans Scarlet Runner

4     Everready onion

5     Feverfew

1     Lavender

5     Lebanese Cress

1     Lemon balm

5     Lemon thyme

5     Marjoram Golden

2     Oregano

12   Pennyroyal

5     Pineapple Sage

5     Plectranthus

18   Pyrethrum

6     Raspberry

1     Rosemary

2     Strawberry, Siberian Wood, small, running

3     Strawberry small white, running

11   Strawberry, Alpine white, small

9     Strawberry, other small

2     Yarrow

9     Yellow Strawberry Guava (sweeter!)



                                MEDIUM           $3 each

5     Loquat, seedling

1     Pineapple Sage

4     Yellow Strawberry Guava (sweeter!)



                                     LARGE               $ 15

3    Hazelnut pair – White American & Cosford (pollinator)



SEEDS 50 cents per packet



20 Hiko Cell Trays

great for planting many seeds for seedlings,

40 cells of 90ml in each tray

$8 each ($7 each for 3 or more)

* Food Forest used to be everywhere – we’re planting them back *

Cheers, Petra (mobile 0420 961 695)