Nice Map!

It’s worth having a look: there is a nice drawing of the food forest with both stages at the “Map & Stage 2” button.



Photo shoot 9am Saturday 2nd of May on the dot

please bring friends, kids, you:
to show the Food Forest in Boroondara Bulletin

if you have any bit of time at all at 9am this Saturday the 2nd of May

and a trace of show-off (you can be in the fore- or background!)

Please come to the food forest to be photographed with us.

I’ll go a few minutes earlier and ask people at the playground to join too.
Also, a pile of tools and a wheelbarrow will be there for props.

Weather should be cool but fine in the morning.

For those who have time afterwards: we will do the usual Saturday working bee after the photo shoot.

Have a good week, hope to see you on Saturday
love, Petra.
(mob 0420961695)

Everything is Thriving now and we are going for stage 2!

In 2015 we are applying for stage 2 of the Winton Road Food Forest, pulling all stops now. Details later.

In the meantime, here is what you can do to help:

If you are on facebook, please like us

if not, you can leave a message here

or write to to support the extension of the food forest


you can come to one or more working bees (Saturdays 9-11am, except summer hols.)

if you have $10 you can become a member for 2015 or donate

if you are really keen, you can do little jobs with us, like looking after this blog, be an admin, or run a working bee.

Friendly Greetings, Petra (co-convener, mobile 0420 961 695)

WRFF Mulberry tree 2015Dec

our Mulberry tree now 2 years in the ground

Cynthia and Carol freeing path off clover

Cynthia and Carol freeing path off clover

Grass Attack!

We have been continuing our attack on kikuyu regrowth at the food forest. None of us like digging it out  much (thanks Eric and Simon for your mammoth efforts on this front!) We have so far tried spraying with cheap white vinegar, painting with (less cheap) eucalyptus oil and then spraying again with (even less cheap) Go Natural Organic Herbicide (pine oil based). Our results so far show that all three kill off the top growth BUT do next to nothing about killing the roots outright. OK so we knew this already but we were hoping that depriving the roots of their food source (ie. their photosynthesising leaves) that the grass would be significantly weakened. No sign of that just yet I’m afraid. Or maybe the root mat is just very extensive, deeply buried in the clay and able to withstand a fair bit of top growth abuse – just the kind of grass we need for lovely green  parks!

So then, next step is mulching it out with newspaper. We did consider that for the site at the very start of the project but decided that it would be too much work for this size area. Carting hundreds of wheelbarrow loads of mulch to cover over the newspaper/cardboard is almost as hard work as digging it out with a mattock. The council did a pretty good job of removing the grass by scraping it off the top but of course the major downside is that we then lost most of our top soil and the grass roots deeply embedded below the scraped surface are re-sprouting to give us grief now.

The worst affected areas are at the extreme ends of the food forest and there are a couple of bad patches here and there. So here are some pics of the latest newspaper mulch campaign (thanks for your help Moira – you’re a star).

The northern edge being invaded by grass

The northern edge being invaded by grass

The northern edge after mulching with newspaper

The northern edge after mulching with newspaper

Of course when I dig out old newspapers there is always SOMETHING that catches my eye. Here is a Leunig gem that made my morning.


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Food Forest Celebration

We are kicking up our gumboots and celebrating the opening of the Winton Road Food Forest.

Friday 30th November, 6-9pm at the food forest.

Please bring a plate of finger food to share, BYO drinks and chair/picnic rug.

It will get dark after sundown so a torch is probably needed if you plan to stay late.

Everyone who has shown an interest in our food forest is welcome.

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Summer working bees each Saturday 9-11am

Lucerne “Sequel” in flower

Each Saturday morning we will be doing a few gardening activities in the food forest to help with its establishment.

This includes planting a few more of the understorey plants, watering if necessary and removing kikuyu regrowth.

The apple tree was removed this week due to it having a bad case of apple mosaic virus. So the first Saturday we will plant its replacement. We have also been painting the kikuyu with eucalyptus oil to kill it off and it seems to be working (early days yet). We will stay vigilant and make sure we get all the regrowth early.

We are also planting lucerne in the understorey to fix nitrogen, bring up nutrients from deeper in the soil, and provide a living mulch.

It is getting much more summery in Melbourne but it is still very pleasant gardening at the food forest so come along and join in.

Hope to see you there