Sunday: Family Fun Day @ Chadstone Reserve

We will be there: fun, food and getting connected
Sunday 18 Nov ’18

Come and say “Hi” at the Ashwood College … Garden tent. 3 food forests, one stall.
Chadstone Food Forest is just behind the venue.
Plant sales.

Cheers, Petra.
m zero420 961 695

e foodforestashy    at (replace “at” with @)

Sunday 18 November 2018
Batesford Reserve, Chadstone
(Corner Batesford Road and Power Avenue)

Follow the vibrant and welcoming peace banners (designed by local secondary students last year) to the annual Family Fun Day.


Equinox Celebration Sat 22 Sept 9am

Come on down to our Food Forest to Celebrate Spring Equinox!

Invite anyone who wants to get to know the Food Forest, or wants something fun and meaningful to do on a Saturday morning!

Coffee & Morning Tea for gold-coin donations
with coffee from Habitat cafe and homemade hazelnut biscuits

A talk from a local gardening guru:
“Using Weeds and Tricks to reduce them”

Home harvest swap
bring your left over produce and products or just have a look

Get in touch with nature by planting, weeding and digging together with passionate food-growers

Plus trees/herbs for sale at bargain prices

– Meet other interesting locals

– Gardening: If you feel like lending a hand in the forest:
we are planting greens, weeding, and digging compost holes

In case you’re new to the food forest:
There is a playground next to it for little kids, a climbing tree and lots of grass.
Cold water available, we will bring hot water and cups.
The shelter seats about 20 people.
Toilet available nearby.

9am to 12 noon
22 September 2018
38 Winton Road ASHBURTON 3147
Parking: in Pitt St opposite (not in Winton Road unless you really have to)
Bus: number 612 bus stops right in front of the food forest.
Train stations: Alamein (Alamein line) or Darling or East Malvern (Waverley line).

RSVP Please, let us know if you’re coming at or on zero420 961 695

looking forward to meeting you
cheers, Petra.

Forest Celebration Saturday 25 August 2018

Come and celebrate your Food Forest with us:

  • a Little Talk about
    Towards Plastic Free Living – ideas and products – show us yours too if you have any
    Sustainability is easy, we can do it    🙂
  • Free soup (August) or cake (September) and hot drinks for members (donation for others),
  • Explore the plants
  • bring something to Swap or Share
  • 3 trees want to be replanted (mulberry, feijoa and probably an avocado) and somebody strong is welcome to take off a tree.

You’re welcome!

9am – noon

9.45 Talk

38 Winton Road Ashburton

opposite Pitt Street

Holiday Break-up 3 Events this week

Being the fourth week of November means the last time we have 3 events this year:

working bee on Thursday 23 November 10-11am

Ashburton Home Harvest Food Swap and Share Saturday  25 November 9-10am

followed by

working bee from 10-11am.

Cold drinks available if you rsvp.

cheers, Petra.

mobile zero420 961 695

foodforestashy @ – remove spaces before emailing

lots of PLANTS available TOMORROW at the Craig centre Birthday Party

again, some little strawberry plants,

slightly bigger seedlings now: Curry leaf bush   and   Yellow Strawberry Guava

and many herbs

also: Scarlet runner bean also called 7 year bean

list below the ads

Craig Family Centre 60th Birthday and Open Day

The Craig Family Centre is celebrating its 60th year serving the community with an Open Day and free community celebration.

There will be lots of fun activities for families including a sausage sizzle, vegetarian Afghan food at the Kabul Kite Social Enterprise Café, music, face painting and a community market.

For more information, phone 9885 7789 – (that might be office hours, mobile below)

When: Sunday 19 November 2017 from 12pm to 3pm

Where: 7 Samarinda Ave Ashburton

Plants available (profit to Craig Family Centre):

               SMALL          $2 each

3     Aloe vera (this type grows larger and is easier to grow)

3     Chia seedlings

4     Comfrey

9     Curry leaf bush

6     Beans Scarlet Runner

4     Everready onion

5     Feverfew

1     Lavender

5     Lebanese Cress

1     Lemon balm

5     Lemon thyme

5     Marjoram Golden

2     Oregano

12   Pennyroyal

5     Pineapple Sage

5     Plectranthus

18   Pyrethrum

6     Raspberry

1     Rosemary

2     Strawberry, Siberian Wood, small, running

3     Strawberry small white, running

11   Strawberry, Alpine white, small

9     Strawberry, other small

2     Yarrow

9     Yellow Strawberry Guava (sweeter!)



                                MEDIUM           $3 each

5     Loquat, seedling

1     Pineapple Sage

4     Yellow Strawberry Guava (sweeter!)



                                     LARGE               $ 15

3    Hazelnut pair – White American & Cosford (pollinator)



SEEDS 50 cents per packet



20 Hiko Cell Trays

great for planting many seeds for seedlings,

40 cells of 90ml in each tray

$8 each ($7 each for 3 or more)

* Food Forest used to be everywhere – we’re planting them back *

Cheers, Petra (mobile 0420 961 695)

Herbal Tea Growing between Swap’n Bee

THIS Saturday 28 October 2017 from 9am – noon

9 am         Ashburton Home Harvest Food Swap/ Share

9.45am     Growing Herbal Teas

10 – 12      Working Bee


This Saturday at the Winton Road Food Forest we will have a short talk about Growing Herbal Teas, find some growing there and plant some more for all to pick. You can bring your herbs or ideas too.

This is part of the food swap that we do every fourth Saturday (except December) that you are more than welcome to join as well if you’re interested, and is followed by a working bee at the food forest.

At the bee we will plant a few herbs, harvest some asparagus & artichokes, herbs & greens, and there is a backlog of weeds to pull and compost.

You can bring your own tool or use ours: large tools useful on the day are a hoe, mattock or fork.

RSVP by Friday so we can bring enough tools and tea & home-made biscuits.

Park in Pitt Street opposite the food forest

Children welcome to join you, toilet available across the road & creek.

Public Transport: Bus: 612 has a stop in front of the food forest (Pitt St/ Winton Rd)          Trains: Glen Waverley line between Darling (11min.) and East Malvern (14min.) stations, or Alamein station & line (15min.)

Contact: email (remove spaces) foodforestashy @  or  mobile zero 420 961 695

Cheers, Petra.

38 Winton Road ASHBURTON 3147

Swap and Working Bee were buzzing on Saturday

Dear All,

great weather, great company, good coffee and biscuits – successful and we had a lot of fun.

Moira, Elisa, Sofie and Petra –  replanted the trees and plants
and the Ace Space group dug the third compost hole – to draw the nutrients further down into the soil.
Beforehand, at the swap we had a little talk about ‘Making sure your Soil is free from Contamination’. We swapped very sweet mandarins and oranges, greens, bread, herbs, and new curry leaf seedlings   🙂
The talk and a recipe will follow shortly.
cheers, Petra.

Hazelnut planters

 Tomorrow 9-12 TREE PLANTING with BENEFITS: Real Coffee, Cake, Swap, Seedlings

Real Coffee donated by Habitat Cafe will be served by Ace Space with Flourless Hazelnut & Currant Biscuits – during the swap & the working bee.

Dear All,
we need a few extra people to plant some trees and dig some holes.
Our Golden Gage plum, the Pear tree and the Mulberry died and need replacing and we will plant a Silverberry bush and another feijoa.
If we have enough hands on deck we will dig some more compost holes to help feed and water the new trees.
9am    Home Harvest Swap and Share
9.45    Short Talk about “Making sure your Soil is NOT contaminated”
10am  Planting and digging
Noon  Finish
Coffee, tea and cake will be supplied,
as well as tools,
but please BRING your hat, gloves and drinking water.
If you can bring a wheelbarrow or a hole digging tool please let us know.
RSVP by Friday to or 0420961695 (or here) so we can bring enough tools and cake.
WHERE: 38 Winton Road, Ashburton
please park in Pitt street.
looking forward to it, see you tomorrow ? cheers, Petra.
* Food Forest used to be everywhere – we’re planting them back *

Strawberries, Fun & Growing Food on Permaculture Day 7 May 2017

WRFF Mulberry tree 2015Dec

the Mulberry tree at 2 years in the ground (2014)

You are invited to celebrate Permaculture Day with

  •  Plant Sales
  •  Growing & Food Forest Information 
  • Nature Games and

Chats over Hot Drinks & Snacks

Winton Road Food Forest in 2014

We will sell little strawberry plants (until we run out) – Alpine strawberries, white strawberries & Siberian Wood Strawberries …

and a lot of herbs and a few trees.


Mini Food Swap: bring your surplus foods from your garden or kitchen that are share-able and swap them or pick something up and leave a small donation.


There will be nature connection games for children by Mel from the Firekeepers.

And there is a playground, trees and lots of grass to play or picnic too.


And we will get together and introduce the food forest and the ideas behind it

over hot drinks with cake or soup for a gold coin donation.


We will have information about the forest, gardening and permaculture and

you are welcome to bring your questions.


The forest is about connecting with nature, food, community and environmental improvement.

Hope to see you there!

Petra, Mel, Moira, Carol and the food foresters!


Food used to grow everywhere and it’s great to bring that back – good for the planet and great for us.
cost: free

where: 38 Winton Road Ashburton VIC 3147 (opposite Pitt street)


phone: 0420 961 695 (Petra.)



11am- 3pm

7 May 2017

there is a map at:
other events on International Permaculture Day: